For sale is a clean, well maintained GasGas EX350F. If you’re unfamiliar, this is essentially a KTM 350 XCF or a Husky FX350. It is a phenomenal bike that has treated me well. It has 180 hours on it and has never even needed a valve adjustment. This bike has fired right up and ran perfectly from day 1 with no issues at all.

I have added radiator guards, an AXP skid plate with linkage protection, heavy duty tubes, bar ends, and a rear disc guard. I have changed the oil and filter every 10 hours with the recommended Motorex oil. The front tire has plenty of life left, while the rear tire is nearing its end.

The bike has a fresh oil and filter change, clean air filter, and a full tank of ethanol free premium gas.

I am the second owner. I bought it from a 69 year old man who put 116 hours on it. The title is notarized and ready to go.

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