My name is Kincade Pavich. I am a 27 year old entrepreneur based in Bozeman, Montana. I moved here in 2014 to study Computer Science at Montana State University. I chose Montana because I was in search of a college that would allow me to spend as much time snowboarding as possible. I became an avid mountain biker during college as well, and the Montana summers slowly became more important to me than the Montana winters.

I grew up riding dirt bikes with my dad and brother, but I always had different interests as a kid and truthfully was not a very good rider when I was younger. Shortly after I graduated from college, I purchased my first motorcycle since high school: a 2007 Suzuki DRZ 400S. I was immediately a better rider than I had ever been previously due to my mountain bike experience and newfound confidence. I fell in love with the sport and realized after a short while that I needed a bike that was more off-road oriented than the trusty DRZ. I purchased a 2006 CRF450X and rode that for a season before upgrading to a 2013 KTM 350 XC-F.

As my interest in riding grew, so did my interest in turning a wrench. I bought a 2002 Kawasaki KX125 that needed a little love for $1000. By talking to my dad, watching YouTube videos, and reading service manuals, I slowly learned how to work on dirt bikes. I ended up riding that bike for a while and then sold it for a $700 profit. This began my side hustle of flipping dirt bikes, which became very profitable over the next few years.

By the time I did my first full engine rebuild, I was motivated to start building bikes to a higher level of perfection. My dad has been restoring vintage motorcycles for many years, and as a kid I never had a great appreciation for what he does. The fact that I developed this passion on my own many years later is quite amazing. Like father, like son.

I decided to timelapse the first build I did as a way to look back on the project. I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel, not thinking much of it. The video ended up surpassing 500,000 views and at this point I realized I was onto something. I filmed my next build, and that video was successful as well earning over 200,000 views. I began reaching out to companies in the dirt bike industry to see if they would like to sponsor my builds.

I have since worked with over 20 amazing companies in the industry and consistently upload dirt bike builds, flips, riding videos and more to my social media accounts. In 2022 I made the decision to quit my full time job of 4 years to begin pursuing my own businesses full time. It’s a pleasure to have you along on this journey!

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