I bought this bike back in April of 2021. The bike market was insane and projects were hard to come by. I was so antsy to start working on something again and that I pulled the trigger on this purchase. I always told myself I’d only buy bikes from the year 2000 or newer, and broke my rule for the first time with this bike.

I learned a lot during this build. The year became busy with the non-stop excitement of summertime, more projects came along, and the priority of finishing this build in a timely manner quickly slipped away. Every time I worked on the bike, I found another piece missing or broken. The cost of this build quickly surpassed my estimates. I had initially planned to get this bike running and get it sold, but as the time and effort required to do just that continued to grow, I decided to put the time into making it a proper build.

This is the first bike I have bought that I severely misjudged the time and money required to finish the project. Honestly, I can’t believe this didn’t happen sooner after buying and selling 25+ bikes in the last 3 years. There was a point during this build where I wished I hadn’t tackled this project, but seeing it through to the end is a rewarding experience and I am very satisfied with the final result. Thank you to all of the amazing companies who support my builds and provided parts for this bike.

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