I bought this bike in pieces with a hole in the crankcase October of 2020. I knew I was about to miss another winter due to yet another shoulder surgery, and needed something to keep me occupied during recovery. Oftentimes I just get bikes running again and then sell them, but this one was different. I set out to build the nicest, sickest, cleanest KX250 I possibly could.

Hundreds of hours went into this project and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. Along with the build itself I dedicated myself to creating a build series of the entire project, and I was quick to realize the time that goes into editing the sheer amount of footage involved in a project like this as well.

I would like to thank the amazing companies who supported this build, making it possible for me to build a bike of this caliber. She’s pretty damn fresh for a 20 year old dirt bike. I ended up selling this bike for $6,000, and actually ran into the guy who bought it ripping it at a motocross race. He sent me a video pulling the holeshot on it.

I never actually rode this bike; it occupied the corner of my living from until I sold it. This was the highest caliber build I had done to this point, and I was very proud of the outcome.

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