There’s something special about a Honda 2 stroke… The same can be said for the other manufacturers as well, but after building a couple YZs I was always keeping my eye out for a Honda to build. This 2002 CR125 popped up in Anaconda for $1800. It was a pricey start to a build, but it had very low original hours and it was virtually unmolested. It was the perfect platform to start a build on, and saved me lots of the initial legwork that old clappers bring.

At this point I was fortunate enough to have some sponsors on board with my builds including @decalworks@shinkotires@vertexpistons@millenniumtechnologies and Redline stands. I thought this bike turned out beautifully and it was probably my favorite 125 to ride that I’ve owned. I thought the power was amazing and it was a blast. I rode this bike on the Taylor Fork to Hebgen lake ride, which is a relatively technically 75+ mile day of single track in the mountains of Montana. I was absolutely wiped at the end of it, but was proud to have completed that ride on a 125.

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