This was my first giveaway bike! Congratulations to Trenten from Wisconsin for being selected as the lucky winner!

This Yamaha YZ2300 started out as my buddy Danny’s 2005 Yamaha YZ250. This bike was well loved and had seen countless miles of Montana single track. I wanted to keep the bike true to its roots, and decided to do a big bore 300cc electric start woods build. I stripped the bike all the way down to the frame and got to work. With the support of some amazing companies in the industry, this beast was born.

This bike features custom holographic graphics from DeCal Works along with a gorgeous custom seat cover. The cylinder was bored out by Millennium Technologies to achieve 300cc displacement. The bike is equipped with Shinko tires and ProX rebuild kits throughout. A Wiseco crankshaft and clutch basket ensure optimal engine performance. A Phathead cylinder head not only provides a beautiful finish to the engine, but performance upgrades over stock as well as the ability to interchange domes. An IMS oversized tank and footpegs ensures ultimate rider connection to the bike while being able to go the distance. The AXP extreme skidplate with linkage protection is the best skid plate on the market, and allows sliding over logs and obstacles with ease. Fast Metric fasteners provided shiny new bolts all around so the bike has no signs of being nearly 20 years old. Cerakote was used for coatings, and Deja Moto provided help with the suspension.

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