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  • Fox legion tac vest: I’m going on my 4th year in the vest. It has held up incredibly well and I enjoy having front pockets easily accessible and the distribution of weight across your body. The hydration pack and routing is well done. I wish there was one larger pocket on the back, as it’s difficult to fit a tube or an extra layer.
  • MSR jersey: This jersey is comfortable and breaths well.
  • MSR pants: These fit well and have nice padding in the knees and an overall durable build.
  • Alpine Stars Tech 7 boot: Tried and true.
  • Fender Boys Hoodie: Become a Fender Boy and you just might win a pit bike…
  • Fender Boys Hat: They’re both sick, but I think like the white better.
  • KP Signature Five Panel: Where my 5 panel homies at?

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