Denting a 2 stroke pipe is a difficult thing to avoid. The large expansion chamber is quite exposed and is often one of the first points of contact with the ground in the event of a crash. While a couple small dents is no big deal, significant dents in your pipe can have a negative impact on the performance of the motorcycle.

There is no shortage of rocks and obstacles in the Bozeman, Montana area prepared to wreak havoc on your exhaust. If you are local, you are welcome to drop your exhaust off for repair. Otherwise, you may ship your pipe to me as well.

Repair versus Replace

Everyone knows new pipes aren’t cheap, so oftentimes it can be worth repairing your old pipe. Not all pipes can be fixed, but the biggest, most gnarly dents are generally the most straightforward (and the most important) to remove.

Using a combination of air pressure and heat, I am able to expand dents in headers back to (almost) their original form. Note that this does generally result in some permanent discoloration of the exhaust.

Pricing ranges from $50-$125 depending on the severity and quantity of dents. You may request a quote by submitting the form below. Please include photos of the damage.

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